This guide provides step by step instructions for updating the firmware for OneScreen T6

device via USB drive method.


  1. Please ensure you’ve downloaded the firmware files If you haven’t, contact our support team at support@onescreensolutions.com ).
  2. USB drive (Should be maximum 32GB).


To install/upgrade the firmware on OneScreen T6, ensure the following:

1.    Please convert your USB into FAT 32 format


2.    Extract (Un compress) the firmware file. [You can use Winrar or Winzip for this step]

3.    You will get three files, copy these files to USB. (Please make sure that only these three files are in USB)


4.    Plug the USB in the USB port on the left side of the OneScreen T6.

5.    Press the power button until the OneScreen T6 shutdowns and boots into the upgrade screen. (Do not release power button until T6 boots into upgrade screen)


6.    Once the boot option appears, at this point you can release the button. The firmware upgrade is in progress and after the upgrade Screen will turn ON again and your firmware is upgraded. This process will take 10 mins approx.