OneScreen TL7 Quick Start Guide

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OneScreen TL7

Quick Start Guide

1. Introduction

Designed for revolutionizing your Classroom and Office Experience, OneScreen TL7 is the 7th Generation of OneScreen’s Interactive Flat Panels. OneScreen TL7 focuses on providing a personalized experience to teachers, students and teams allowing users to create their personal profiles while ensuring protection of their private data. TL7 is incorporated with an easy-to-use screen sharing software and the most advanced interactive whiteboarding helping users deliver engaging and innovative lessons and presentations.

Engineered and developed with high end hardware, TL7 is also bundled with various software solutions designed to redefine your teaching and learning experience.

2. OneScreen Installation

The TL7 can be installed on a wall through the wall mount that is shipped with the product or a mobile cart that can be additionally purchased. All installations should be handled by professionals. Refer to the additional guides shipped with the screen for detailed instructions on the installation and relevant safety precautions.

3. Inserting Wi-Fi Module

Wi-Fi can be enabled on your OneScreen TL7 by inserting the external Wi-Fi Module into your screen. Follow the steps below for inserting the Wi-Fi Module into your OneScreen TL7.

Warning: Make sure you have the board unplugged from the power socket. There must be no power coming into the board.

  1. Remove the Wi-Fi module’s port cover located at the bottom of the screen
  2. Place the Wi-Fi Module into the port by sliding it into the panel

Note: The Wi-Fi will not work if you do not have the Wi-Fi module plugged into the slot.

4. Using an OPS PC with your OneScreen TL7 (Optional Hardware)

The OPS PC (Open Pluggable Source) is a small computer that can be inserted into your TL7 to access Windows functionality on your OneScreen without the need to connect a PC externally using cables.

Follow the steps below to set-up the OPS PC on your OneScreen.

  1. Remove the OPS PC Plate cover on the right side of the panel
  2. Slide the OPS PC into the OPS PC Slot. Please ensure that the OPS PC vents are facing the backside of the screen while inserting so the OPS may have proper ventilation during service
  3. Press the Power Button labeled ‘PWR’ present next to the antenna ports of your OPS PC to power it on
  4. Swipe up at the bottom - center of the screen
  5. Press the ‘More’ Button
  6. Press the ‘PC’ button to access the OPS PC input on your OneScreen TL7

5. Turning on your OneScreen TL7

Follow the steps below to power on your OneScreen TL7:

  1. Connect the power cable to the power inlet present at the bottom of your OneScreen
  2. Turn on the rocker switch present right next to the power inlet
  3. Press the power button on the bottom right of your OneScreen to power on your OneScreen TL7

6. Device Registration

Device registration is necessary for the activation of your OneScreen TL7. The device registration page appears when you boot your device for the first time. Follow the steps below to register it:

  1. Press the ‘Register’ button on the Welcome Page
  2. The screen will then prompt you to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Select the network you want to connect with. Enter the Password and press Connect (more details can be found under section 6 “Connecting OneScreen TL7 with the Internet”)
  3. Select your Country, Region, and Language in the following pages
  4. Fill in your Personal Details including your name, organization, contact details, zip code and industry. This information helps us keep you updated about any software updates and feature addition
  5. Press the ‘Finish’ button to exit the registration page

7. Connecting OneScreen TL7 with the Internet

You can connect your OneScreen TL7 with a Wi-Fi Network through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet Cable.

7.1 Connecting via Wi-Fi

  1. Press the Wi-Fi icon at the top right of your screen
  2. Toggle on the Wi-Fi to see all the available networks
  3. Select the network that you want to connect to
  4. Enter the Password and press Connect

7.2 Connecting via Ethernet Cable

Connect your device to a network via ethernet by simply plugging in an ethernet cable into the LAN-In (RJ-45) Port located on the left side of your OneScreen. Once you have the cable connected, you will be able to access the internet on your OneScreen.

8. Navigating through your OneScreen

8.1 OneScreen Homepage

  1. OneScreen Account: Your personalized OneScreen profile containing all your data and files synced on the cloud that you can access on any OneScreen panel by simply signing in
  2. Guru Button: Tap on it to reach out to the OneScreen GURU Team for live; instant support and training
  3. Calendar: Calendar showing all your scheduled events and activities
  4. Data & Time: Date and Time that can be set from your settings
  5. Browser: Your OneScreen’s browser for surfing the web
  6. Quick Access: A customizable quick access window that can be customized using the ‘Add’ button
  7. Bottom Toolbar: A quick access toolbar to access multiple features of your board. It can be accessed by swiping up at the center of the bottom of the screen
  8. Side Toolbars: Replicas of the bottom toolbar located at the left and right corner of the screen. Can be used to access the features available on the bottom toolbar on the left and right sides of the panel

8.2 Navigation bar on your OneScreen TL7

  1. Back: This takes you back to your previous window / app
  2. Home: Takes you to the Homescreen of your OneScreen TL7
  3. Recent: To access all the applications running in the background of your OneScreen
  4. Write: Opens up your OneScreen Write whiteboard to make annotations
  5. Files: Can be used to access the storage of your OneScreen Android or any connected devices like USBs or External Hard Drives All your downloads, documents, videos, pictures etc. are stored and can be accessed from here
  6. Browser: You may use it to surf the internet or access websites
  7. Apps: To access all the applications installed on your OneScreen Panel’s Android Side
  8. Menu: To access the ‘Common Settings’ of your screen for switching to different sources like HDMI, VGA etc
  9. Annotate: To use the On-Screen annotation tool for annotation over documents and different sources
  10. Capture: To take screenshots on your display
  11. More: To access additional tools such as timer, stopwatch, spotlight, screen recorder etc.

9. Connecting your OneScreen with other devices

9.1 Wired Connectivity

To connect your external PC with the TL7, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your device and the OneScreen through either one of the HDMI, VGA, or USB-C cables
  2. In case of an HDMI or VGA connection, additionally connect the USB touch (USB-A to USB-B) cable between the two devices to have touch capability on the TL7
  3. Once you have connected your device connected with the OneScreen, you will automatically get a preview of your devices on the Home Screen of your OneScreen TL7
  4. You can swipe left and right on source preview window to switch between multiple connected sources

9.2 Wireless Connectivity – OneScreen Share

Use OneScreen Share to wirelessly share or mirror display with the OneScreen.

  1. Download OneScreen Share on the client device (the PC that you want to connect with the TL7) from our website (
  2. Open the OneScreen Share on the client device
  3. Now, open OneScreen Share on your OneScreen TL7
  4. Note the password displayed on the TL7 and enter it in the Password Section of the Client App to establish the connection
  5. On your PC, click on Screen Share to share your PC’s screen to the TL7
  6. Click on Desktop Sync if you want the TL7’s display mirrored onto your PC while having full capability to control the TL7 from your client app

10. OneScreen Training

OneScreen offers free-of-cost virtual live trainings to all its users to ensure they can get the most out of their OneScreen Products. 

The training  can include any of the below topics:

  • OneScreen Functionality
  • OneScreen Accounts (Your personalized OneScreen Cloud Profile)
  • OneScreen Share (Wireless Screen Sharing Application – Standard Software)
  • OneScreen Write (White-boarding and Annotation Software – Standard Software)
  • OneScreen Hype (Video Conferencing Software – Optional Software)
  • OneScreen Central (Remote Device Management Software – Optional Software)
  • OneScreen Annotate (Windows/Mac-based interactive whiteboard software)
  • OneScreen QuizWiz (AI Based Quiz Generation Software)
  • OneScreen LearningHub (Classroom Solution)
  • Zuni Learning Tree (Online Learning Management Software with 40,000+ learning resources – Optional Software)
  • Oktopus (Annotation and Collaboration Software – Optional Software)

You can schedule training by scanning the QR code below:

11. Additional Documents

You may access additional documents and guides on the product by visiting the resources tab on our website. You may access the Resources Tab by scanning the QR Code below.

12. Contacts us

+ 1 855 898 8111


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