To perform a firmware upgrade please follow the following steps :


1. Download the file and extract the folder

2. Format a USB to FAT32 (Should be max 32GB)

3. Copy the 3 files in the extracted folder to the root directory of the USB

4. Plug the USB in the android USB port in the front of the screen

5. Go to the home screen of the Onescreen 


The following menu will appear.

Press the Source button followed by numbers  2 , 5 , 8 and 0. The following window will appear.

Select Common function as shown below.

Select Upgrade Main and the following window will appear.

Choose the MasterUpgrade.bin File and the Firmware Upgrade will start. Do not switch off or disconnect cables while the Firmware Upgrade is in process.

Once you perform the firmware update and turn on the OneScreen, the following menu will appear.

From the menu scroll to the top and select English and then select start as shown in the picture below.