Send an email to if you don’t have the firmware files before performing the update.


  1. USB drive (must not be greater than 32 GB)

  2. Firmware update files

  3. Wired/Wireless mouse

Update Instructions

  1. Format the USB and set the file system to FAT32.

  1. Copy the zipped folder named "update_smdt" to the USB present in firmware update files.

  1. Insert the USB into GoSafe and wait for a few seconds. A pop-up will appear requesting a firmware update where you may select YES.

  1. Wait for the firmware update to be completed.

Set Device Timezone

  1. Click the right-mouse button to return to the home screen on the GoSafe unit. The device will ask for a password for which the default value is “123456”.


  1. Click on the small arrow at the center of the screen to open the app drawer. 


  1. Open Settings and Settings -> System Settings -> Date & Time Settings.

  2. Disable “Automatic Date & Time” and “Automatic Time Zone”.

  3. Set the time and date as per your location.

GoSafe App Installation

  1. Copy the file “DCMIPS_GATE_Basic_V2.” to a USB.

  2. Plug in the USB into the GoSafe and open the “Files” app on the GoSafe to navigate to the USB.

  3. Simply launch the apk file and perform the installation for the application.