• GoSafe Application APK (Contact OneScreen Support for the latest APK)

  • USB Drive

  • Wired/Wireless Mouse


  1. Download the latest version of the GoSafe APK and put it onto a USB thumb drive.

  2. Plug in the USB mouse and the thumb drive to the GoSafe unit.

  3. Click the right-mouse button to return to the home screen on the GoSafe unit. The device will ask for a password for which the default value is “123456”.

  1. Click on the small arrow at the center of the screen to open the app drawer. 

  1. Click and hold on the GoSafe application and drag it until you see “Uninstall”. 

Drag it over uninstall and let go of the button. 

  1. Once the app is uninstalled, open “Files” from the app drawer and navigate to the USB thumb drive.

  2. Run the installation file on the thumb drive and the application will be installed automatically.