You can download the latest application(s) for your OneScreen T6 not found on Google Play from the list below.

If you prefer to watch a step-by-step video guide instead, click here.


To install the applications on your OneScreen T5, click on the following link: Guide to Install APKs files on your OneScreen.

List of Applications:

Video Conferencing:

ApplicationLink to Download
Microsoft TeamsClick here to download 
Ring CentralClick here to download
ZoomClick here to download


ApplicationLink to Download
Google ClassroomClick here to download

Video and Entertainment:

ApplicationLink to Download
NetflixClick here to download
YoutubeClick here to download

Cloud Storage:

ApplicationLink to Download
DropboxClick here to download
Google DriveClick here to download
Microsoft OneDriveClick here to download


ApplicationLink to Download
Google ChromeClick here to download
Google SlidesClick here to download