EShare allows you to wirelessly share your screen from a laptop or mobile device to your OneScreen or take control of your OneScreen remotely and use it without the need of cables. EShare allows you to connect from a vast majority of devices running Windows, Android, iOS, Ubuntu or Chrome OS.

Extend Screen option can be used to extend your laptop screen on to OneScreen. It is particularly useful for streaming videos using apps with privacy settings prohibiting screen sharing such as Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus among others.

This guide provides step by step instructions on how to extend screen on OneScreen.


1. Eshare Application on on the device that you are trying to connect to the OneScreen (click here to download the application in case you don't have it downloaded).


  1. Connect your device with OneScreen by using the EShare Application. Please refer to this guide in case if you need help on it.
  2. On the source option click the drop down button right next to 'Share full screen'.
  3. Select the extend screen option from the drop down
  4. Finally hit the Share Screen button to start sharing your screen in extended mode. 

Congratulation! You should now be able to stream the video service of your choice.