How to use EShare on the OneScreen TL6

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EShare allows you to wirelessly share your screen from a laptop or mobile device to your OneScreen or take control of your OneScreen remotely and use it without the need of cables. EShare allows you to connect from a vast majority of devices running Windows, Android, iOS, Ubuntu or Chrome OS.


  • EShare Client Application

You must install the EShare client application on your laptop or phone before connecting it to the OneScreen. Download the relevant EShare setup from the official website.

  • Similar Wi-Fi Network

In order to use EShare on the OneScreen, you must ensure that your device and the OneScreen are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If the OneScreen is connected to the network via Ethernet, you may setup a mobile hotspot on the unit.

Connection Steps

  1. Tap on the EShare icon on your OneScreen home screen to open the EShare application.

  1. Ensure that the OneScreen is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device or has a Wi-Fi hotspot name visible if you are connecting via hotspot. Note the device name on the top of the screen e.g. EShare-2636 in the image below.

Note: Default device names such as EShare-2636 can be modified from EShare settings for convenience. For example, you may change the default name to Conference Room as described in additional settings.

  1. Open the EShare Client application on your laptop and you should find your device name listed (EShare-2636 in our example). If you do not see your device listed, ensure your device and the OneScreen are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or your device is connected to the OneScreen’s Wi-Fi hotspot if you are utilizing the hotspot to connect. 

Note: Tap the refresh button on the top-right corner of the window to refresh the list of units. You can also type in the IP of the OneScreen to connect directly if they are on the same network. The OneScreen’s IP address is visible in step two at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Tap the Connect button next to your desired OneScreen unit to connect to the OneScreen. 

Inside the new menu, you will find the Screen Share button which you may use to project your laptop screen onto the OneScreen and the TV Mirror screen which allows you to take control of the OneScreen directly from your laptop.

Screen Sharing

  1. If you wish to share your screen, tap the Share Screen button and your laptop screen will be projected onto the OneScreen.

  1. Inside the new window, you can use the pause button to pause screen sharing for a limited time or the stop button to stop sharing completely.

TV Mirroring

  1. If you wish to take control of your OneScreen remotely, tap the TV Mirroring Button after step four. You should see your OneScreen interface pop-up on your laptop which you may control remotely as shown below.

  1. You may tap the menu button towards the right to open a list of options for convenient control of the screen. Inside the EShare menu, you can find a number of useful options including the annotation button which allows you to draw on the OneScreen remotely.

Additional Settings

EShare can be customized in a number of ways to allow convenience in connectivity and usage with the OneScreen. In order to access additional settings, you may simply tap on the Settings icon inside EShare on the OneScreen as indicated.

Additional settings inside EShare will appear in a new and are described in the section below.

Device Name Change

You can change the device name of your OneScreen unit (EShare-2636 in our case) to something more convenient by accessing the settings inside EShare settings.

  1. Tap on the Edit icon next to the device name inside EShare settings to open up the editing interface.

  1. Enter the new name for your device. We are renaming our unit to Demo Unit.

  1. Finally, tap on the save icon as indicated to save the new device name.

Enable/Change PIN Code

If you wish to restrict access to the OneScreen via EShare, you may simply open the EShare settings and tap on the PIN code button as indicated to switch the setting from OFF to ON.

Now, you will be asked for the PIN before connecting to EShare on this unit. Please note that the pin will be visible on the unit upon the EShare connection which may be convenient for sharing it within a classroom. However, if you do not want the PIN to be visible, simply tap on the Show Floating Window to make the window disappear.

You can also edit the PIN code by tapping on the Edit button next to the PIN code as indicated.

Confirm Before Mirroring

By enabling this setting, you will receive a pop-up on the OneScreen unit asking for permission to connect every time a request for mirroring is made. Using this, you can prevent unauthorized mirroring and control of the screen.

Multiple Screens

EShare allows up to 9 devices to be projected onto the OneScreen simultaneously. You can enable this setting from the button indicated below and set a limit to the number of devices you wish to have on the screen at a time.

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