OneScreen Central Setup Guide

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OneScreen Central Set-up Guide 




OneScreen Central is a cloud-based management solution that allows you to remotely monitor, control and manage your OneScreen devices seamlessly.

This guide provides step by step instructions for how to register an account with OneScreen Central and connecting your account with a OneScreen device.





To register an account, open your internet browser on any device and go the URL:

Click on “Register” at the bottom




Create a name for the account, create a password, enter your email address, organization name, phone number, and the name of the person of contact. Click on Register.

Note: In the image below, the fields are filled as an example only.

STEP 3: 

You will now receive an email to activate your account. Open your email account and click on the link in the email to activate your account




Once registered, enter your username and password to open the account


STEP 5: 

On your OneScreen Central account, click on the devices tab at the left




Click on the “enroll” icon


STEP 7: 

Note the Organization tag and the MDM server address as we will need it in the next step




Over at your OneScreen, open the central application from the Apps menu.  

STEP 9: 

Enter the Central account Organization tag that you noted in Step 7, accept the terms and conditions and click on Enroll to register the device.


STEP 10: 

Note the Device ID shown on the screen. Using this Device ID, you can identify this device on your OneScreen Central account.

STEP 11:

OneScreen offers a free license to Central for the first year of your purchase. By default, your Central account will have a validity of 30 days. To increase the duration the license, contact our support team for a coupon code by emailing us at “” or calling us toll free at 855-898-8111.  

Once you receive the coupon code, go to the “admin settings” at the top of the screen and open “account settings”.

STEP 12:

Enter the coupon code under the “Redeem credits from coupon code” heading to increase the duration of your license.


Congratulations. Your OneScreen Central account is set-up and ready to use.


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