Users can join the OneScreen Hype meeting via the following ways

  1. Guest user request via email (select the invite user via email option when scheduling a meeting or if already in a meeting select invite member > invite via contacts > invite via email)
  2. Meeting ID (provide other user the meeting ID you are currently in and ask them to click on join meeting on OneScreen Hype homepage )
  3. PSTN call (When in a meeting click on the "i" to find the meeting number and ask the other users to dial it from their mobile devices)
  4. SIP call ( When in a meeting Click on the "i" to find the meeting SIP address and provide to users who want to join via SIP address )
  5. H.323 call (Click Invite memeber > Dial Video System and provide the user H.323 address which can be found in the top left icon "i")