The device owner can invite visitors either by either inviting them through email, sharing a URL, or sharing a QR code that the visitor can scan to access and fill the survey. This solution provides instructions on how to invite visitors using a URL.


Inviting visitors through URL:

You can share the URL “” for visitors to open on their internet browsers to access the survey or send a request to access and fill the survey. 


Step 1: Share the URL and company ID with the visitors using any media (poster, email, messaging etc.). The company ID is visible in the “survey listings tab” on the Prescreen software (shown below).




Step 2: After opening the URL, the visitor will be directed to the page in the image below. The visitor can access the survey by clicking on “send request”.



Step 3: The visitor will need to enter their email along with the company ID. They can also choose a start and end time for their visit if needed by clicking on “Advance Settings”. 



Step 4: Depending on the setting of “Allow all visitors to fill surveys” in admin settings, the visitor can now either directly access the survey or can send a request to fill the survey that you will need to approve from the “survey listings tab” on Prescreen before the visitor can fill the survey.