As a visitor, you can access the Prescreening survey by either getting an invitation directly to your email by the organization, visiting a URL knowing the organization’s company code, or scanning the QR code provided by the organization. This solution provides instructions on how to access the survey through a URL.


Step 1: Copy or note the Company ID of the organization you wish to visit. This may be shared with you by the organization through any media.


Step 2: In your internet browser Go to the following URL:


Step 3: Click on “Send Request”.



Step 4: Enter your email address and the company ID you noted in step 1. If needed, you can click on “Advanced Settings” to choose a start and end time for your visit. After entering all the information, click on “send”.


Step 5: Depending on the organization, you will either get direct access to the survey or a request will be sent from you to the organization that you wish to fill the survey that the organization will manually accept or reject. 


Step 6: Once the survey opens, click to select the true options. The selected option will turn green.

Step 7: After choosing an option for every question, click on upload picture. If filling the survey from your phone, you may take a new picture and upload it directly. (The picture should be clear, preferably with no glasses or hats and should be similar your current appearance). 

Step 8: Click on “Submit” to submit the survey. Depending on your answers, you will receive an email notifying you whether your visit request has been approved or rejected.